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uk vat refund


As a UK VAT registered company one is compelled to file a 'VAT return' every three months. The business visitors who are visiting UK from abroad are allowed to recover VAT on all eligible business expenses. Enterprises pay VAT on purchase, and collect VAT on sales. If the VAT paid surpasses the VAT collected, then the resulted VAT credit must have to be repaid.

Eligible Goods & Services in the UK include:

♦   Hotel & Accommodation Costs ♦   Vehicle Rental and Fuel ♦   Overseas office expense
♦   Exhibition & Conference Expenses ♦   Certain Marketing Expenses ♦   Legal fee
♦   Business Entertainment ♦   Aircraft Charter ♦   Trademark and patent fees
♦   Meals ♦   Catering service ♦   Consulting & accountant & lawyer fee
♦   Training Course Costs ♦   Utilities ♦   Satellite communication costs
♦   Telephone Charges ♦   Advertisement & promotional ♦   Stock exchange annual fee
♦   Professional Fees ♦   Market research  

We provide specialist services in VAT Recovery & simplify the VAT recovery solution including audits, invoice retrieval across the UK with regard to the wide range of goods and services eligible for VAT refund. We can bring claim upto 15% back for the lodging, meeting facilities, amusement, food and transport in London with low fixed fee and quick turnaround service.

We also provide realistic assistance on technical problems taken place from tax regulations & law, the suitability of Certificates of Status (an essential component of any claim), the eligibility of the applicant to the refund under the Directives and pre-audit of invoices or whole claims.

Advice can also be offered for the tax accountability of trade in both goods and services inside the UK and outside its borders and on the propositions of the Place of Supply rules on the vendors required for registration as a non-established trader.